Habemus WebEditor is an online code editor tailor-made for editing websites and web applications. Actually, anything built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a perfect fit for the WebEditor. It has some embedded features that make creating and editing web code a breeze!

1. Live coding 💻

With live coding, the in-editor preview updates itself each time your code is changed. Whenever you navigate through your project’s code, the preview will scroll to the section of the interface you are working on, so that it is easier to continue your work.

Preview live coding

The preview is always in sync with your editions

2. Inspect and debug any device 🕵️

Web developers face a uniquely huge challenge nowadays: to develop UIs that respond and behave well across a wide range of devices, screen proportions, supported functionalities, pixel densities, connectivities, etc. We all know that it is not possible to rely solely on http://localhost:8000 testing, not even with the best device emulators - there’s always something that goes awkward when our websites are displayed on smartphones in the wild.

The WebEditor, as a cloud-based coding environment, allows developers to test their projects live in any browser in any device - tablets, iPhones, Android phones, desktop. From the very beginning, each project has a public shareable link that you can send anyone so that they can see the website while it is under development.

Web inspector em qualquer device

The Web Inspector shows details of each element

Beyond testing the website live, the web inspector displays detailed information about how each browser has interpreted your CSS. That is not to mention the growing quantity of functionalities that are not available in desktops and, thus, cannot be tested but in mobile devices (accelerometers, for example).

3. Instantaneous publication and automatic resource optimization ⚡

Once your project is ready for show time, all you have to do is to publish it directly from the WebEditor to the production-ready servers of Habemus. When you publish your project, our continuous integration servers (CI) optimize all the resources of your website: we add CSS3 prefixes for supporting older browsers, minify JavaScript and optimize all images with lossless compression. When your customers access your website, they’ll receive a highly optimized version to ensure a speedy interaction!

Publish directly from the WebEditor

The WebEditor is integrated with Habemus' hosting servers

4. Cloud-based development environment ☁️️

With the WebEditor, you can access your projects from anywhere: from home, on the laptop, on your grandmother’s old desktop, from the lanhouse, even from a tablet with 4G. Your files are safely stored in the cloud and versioned accordingly to the publications.

Moreover, Habemus always makes sure that your development environment is always up to date with the latest development patterns and technologies. We’ll ensure you have the best experience, always!

Built with ❤️️ at Habemus, for the Web.